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Facial & Cosmetic Acupuncture Pasadena


Cosmetic acupuncture is an ancient beauty secret and is used by both men and women as a non-toxic method to minimize fine lines and wrinkles from the face. It is an ancient healing art that has been practiced in China on emperors and empresses as a beauty ritual for at least 3,000 years. Our personalized cosmetic treatments involve the integration of Chinese Medicine with modern medical modalities, to create long-lasting effects. Our cosmetic treatment focuses on each individual’s needs, we treat our patients based on their skin issues. The treatment aims to normalize and return the skin to a younger and more youthful state. Our cosmetic treatments include a personalized combination of one or all of the following: acupuncture, Celluma LED wrinkle therapy, microcurrent therapy, facial cupping and gua sha. Read below to learn more about these effective treatments.



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